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Does it cost extra to use the bed? No! It's included in the fee for the hourly rate. We have weeks when the bed is always up, and weeks when it is not. Be sure you book a week with the bed up if you want it. You will see (example) "1 hr (WITH BED)" on with bed week options in the booking section.

Seamless paper: THIS IS NEW! We will no longer keep rolls in the studio. Add the seamless paper option onto your booking if you want to use our paper. We WILL keep the paper stand in the studio at all times, for you to bring your own paper. If you request paper, message us so we can discuss current color options and we will deliver it to the studio before your booking!

Typically we keep PINK, WHITE, CREAM and BLACK in stock at all times. 

Is the studio wheelchair accessible? Unfortunately, no. We are very disappointed to say that there is currently not a way to access our studio on the second-floor other than stairs. We would love for this to change one day.


Can I trade my hours if I don't use them or can I get a refund? We allow clients to trade hours on a case by case basis. We must be notified it is necessary within 48 hours of booked time for reschedules or trades. There are no refunds. Hours can be credited and used within two weeks, IF THERE IS AN OPENING, if you must cancel for a sick client. We are not required to fit you in if the studio is full for the next two business weeks.

Is boudoir allowed? We allow tasteful boudoir photography for occasions such. as bridal and anniversary photoshoots. No full nudity is allowed in studio. No explicit media can be shot in the studio. 

General rules: No using client closet dresses & no smoking in studio. If you or a client breaks something, notify us immediately after session. The card on file will be charged for damages.

Can we bring our own props? Of course! But clients are responsible for keeping the studio just as they found it. This means all props must be removed after studio time is done. No props that might damage floors or walls.


Clients are responsible for any damage their props may cause (i.e. cake smash messes, marks on the wall from furniture done by client moving their props, confetti clean up, etc.)


Do not nail anything into the wall. *If you have something you need to hang, talk with us and we can assist you on the best way to do it! 

College Station photography studio
College Station photography studio
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College Station photography studio
College Station photography studio
College Station photography studio

Have a question? Read our FAQ & Rules to see if we have a quick answer!

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