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How to Throw an Unforgettable Spooky Soiree!

Updated: Sep 27

Spooky Soiree Details!

What happens when you collaborate with other entrepreneurs during the Fall season? You can create an Unforgettable Spooky Soiree! Take notes from our event and you can throw one of these yourself!

The Spooky Soiree started as an idea from Jess at Rosegarden Creations and we were honored to be a part of this event. The Theme for this female entrepreneur event was "A Day In The Garden" Spooky Soiree!

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links at no cost to you.

Dress Code: Satin or Silk Pajamas

Time: We had it from 5:00-7:00pm as an evening event in the

beautiful space at Bravely Studio in Bryan, Texas!


The first goal was to share business dreams, encouragement and inspiration with each other. We definitely value COLLABORATION over competition. We showed off our creativity by donating items as a part of the event. Each person contributed in some way to make this event special.

The second goal was to create content for each person's business or brand. A great way to show off a service or product is to photograph that product or service being used! So, our photographers were able to capture great moments throughout the event and highlight the vendors and businesses through photographs.


Planning an event takes TIME and COORDINATION! An amazing job was done getting everyone on a message board and delegated who would bring each item or service. A clear vision of what was expected and communicated clearly to everyone. A vision board was created with the Dress Code, Date, Time & Location and What to Expect and included pictures of everything from the color scheme to the food and decor. This part is crucial not to overlook. Clearly stating what your expectations are for the event is key to a successful party!

Timeline of Event

3:00-5:00pm the day of event, vendors and businesses came to Bravely Studio to set up their portion of the event. Depending on the part, we allowed two hours for set up but some only needed a few minutes, while the balloon backdrop, tablescape and mini bar set up took longer.

5:00-5:45pm Take photos of the venue decorated, get drinks, do video content of the decorations, chat with other entrepreneurs, and take turns getting photos with different groups of ladies.

5:45-6:45pm Enjoy drinks and a light dinner together picnic style while photographers continue to take lifestyle photos at the first part of the dinner. We talked about our brand or business and enjoyed each other's insight into our business goals and aspirations. We enjoyed pastry puffs and cake for dessert.

6:45-7:00pm We wrapped up our dinner and dessert together, then it was time for clean up. Everyone was responsible for their part and cleaned up after the event.

If you are in the surrounding areas of Bryan/College Station, Texas here is a list of businesses you can use to recreate this fun event. Like and follow their content on social media!


Venue: Bravely Studio in Bryan, Texas

Event Coordinator and Charcuterie Board: Rosegarden Creations LLC

Florals: Mad Flowers Co.

Table Setting: Royal Wren Events

Picnic Set Up: Rove Co Event

Marquee Letters: Alpha Lit BCS

Balloons and Fringe Wall: Soiree Shop TX

Cocktail Bar: Sips BCS

Cotton Candy: Twirl Cotton Candy

Cake: Sweets By Gabby

Croquembouche: Moonstruck Co.

Favors: Aggieland Aesthetics

Favor Boxes: Papel Tags

Photographer: Pictures with Ariel

Photographer: Cecilly Elaine Photography

Content Creators: Jordana Janelle, Taylor Decell, and Social Rise

Photography Credit: Pictures with Ariel


Let's be real. We are so thankful to Jess at Rosegarden Creations for coordinating this wonderful event but if you're not in the Bryan/ College Station area and don't have access to these amazing small businesses, then here's our AMAZON FINDS for re-creating this event where you live! What a fun way to celebrate the fall season! You can use the photographs for inspiration and have a blast this spooky season!

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links at no cost to you.

Photo credit: Pictures with Ariel and Cecilly Elaine Photography

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links at no cost to you.

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