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5 Secrets of A Successful Photographer!

Seeing Success During the Fall & Winter Season!

This post contains affiliate links and if you choose to purchase using my link,

I could get a commission from it at no cost to you.

1. Always advertise that you're OPEN for business! I think it is important to be present on social media as a photographer and it is basically FREE advertisement! When it comes to obtaining clients, share over and over and on various platforms, remind friends and people you know that you have spots open in your calendar to take pictures. I HIGHLY suggest if you do stories on social media that you continually advertise because stories only last 24 hours then they are gone. If your potential clients didn't see your story, then they missed your information. I would utilize reels, stories AND posts! Posts are making a comeback so please don't forget about them! In my opinion, reels will help reach new followers but posts are your permanent billboard of information. Be informative and educational in the caption!

2. Only take on the amount of work YOU can handle. Don’t overdo it! In my opinion, success does not mean trying to make the most money, rather doing what gives you joy. Also, figuring out which type of photography you like best will make it more enjoyable for you! Knowing when to say YES will help make your job a fun one!

3. Be clear on your communication with clients. It's a good idea to have a contract for them to sign. Give your client clear deadlines and expectations so their session will run smoothly and you both will have a great photography experience! When your client has a great experience, they will refer their friends to you!

4. As a photographer, continually LEARNING new techniques and information is so important. It can help you be confident to share your business and can give you a sense of accomplishment when you've learned more about the world of photography. If you are wanting to learn more about shooting in manual, check out Master Manual with SLP. This guide helps you learn about the settings on a camera. Check the description out to see if this is something that would interest you!

If you love candid work where families look relaxed and like they're having a great time... you need this next guide! It is a walk through of a typical family session flow from beginning to end. I tell you my plan on what I need to deliver after each session, and how to get those shots. I tell you all my hints to get a gallery that clients fall in love with. If this sounds like something you need to learn more about, check out Family Guide Prompt!

5. Last, but certainly not least, communicating with your client about the vision of the shoot can help make photography sessions successful. What is your client wanting and what are you planning on delivering? If you're planning on having the session outdoors, make sure your client sees a picture of the area you plan to take pictures or an idea so they can plan outfits accordingly. It's also a good idea to give outfit suggestions. Often times, that is the more stressful part for the client is having to coordinate family outfits so giving them tips and ideas will definitely be welcome!

BONUS: As a photographer, I always do something for the kids. It could be a treat basket and they can pick an item or piece of candy when they're finished with photos. This also helps them to focus, smile and then get a reward! Photos should be fun and including the kids and making them see they are important is a great way to get returning clients.

This post contains affiliate links and if you choose to purchase using my link,

I could get a commission from it at no cost to you.

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